Today, we saw a report that Tesla made the Model Y available for order in China, although the production info says "2021."

The online design studio includes three Long Range versions (just like in the U.S.), although the estimated prices of cars are significantly higher than in the U.S.

It might change when Tesla adds an option for a locally produced Model Y at the Gigafactory 3 (at least the Standard Range Plus version).

Tesla Model Y estimated prices in China:

  • Rear-wheel drive:
    • Long Range (540 km/335.6 miles WLTP): 444,000 yuan ($63,742)
  • All-wheel drive:
    • Long Range (505 km/313.9 miles WLTP): 488,000 yuan ($70,059)
    • Performance (480 km/298.3 miles WLTP): 535,000 yuan ($76,807)

For comparison Tesla Model Y prices in the U.S.:

  • Rear-wheel drive:
    • Long Range (300 mi/482.7 km EPA): $48,000
  • All-wheel drive:
    • Long Range (280 mi/450.5 km EPA): $52,000
    • Performance (280 mi/450.5 km EPA): $61,000

Source: Tesla,

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