It's hard to tell just exactly what's troubling the lady in the video above. It appears she's trying to charge her Nissan LEAF. However, she looks at the Tesla Model 3 in what seems to be disgust or frustration. Perhaps, in order to charge, she needs to be parked in the Tesla's spot?

At any rate, she kicks the Model 3's tire, because it's surely the Tesla's fault that her day is not going well, right?

The person who shared the video claims that the lady continued to walk around the car for some time, maybe hoping he'd show up and unplug his car? Who knows.

Fortunately, it doesn't appear that the lady had any intention to damage the Tesla, and there's no mention of damage in the video description. However, kicking someone's car is just not acceptable. When adults can't control their tempers and begin to act like children, bad things can and do happen (think road rage).

Our advice here is something we often tell our children. Pretend there's a camera recording your every action and then act accordingly. If people know they're being watch/recorded, they tend to act in a different manner. Maybe adults like this lady would think twice about their actions if they followed such advice, especially if they knew they were actually being recorded?

Video Description via Teslacam on YouTube:

Lady kicks my Tesla at EVgo charging station

Sentry mode in Tesla Model 3 never ceases to surprise me. Lady trying to plug in her own electric vehicle, kicked my Tesla Model 3 in frustration while I was charging at an EVgo charging station in San Francisco.

She continued to wildly pace around my car for 15 straight minutes. Maybe hoping I would return at any minute and move my car?? I was plugged in and charging (needed charge) at the time. I’d like to think I have a good handle on EV charging etiquette and did nothing wrong.

Pretty deplorable behavior coming from an adult that should know how to act. Sentry mode for the win!

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