We always smile when we see people getting lemons and making a hell of a lemonade. Take Ben White as an excellent example of that. He parked his Tesla Model 3 to go to the gym. A couple of minutes later, the Tesla app warned him his car’s alarm went off. He was a victim of a hit and run. With Sentry Mode’s help, he not only helped the police solve the case. He also made this entertaining video above.

Gallery: This Hit And Run Case Was Solved Thanks To Tesla Sentry Mode

White showed remarkable videomaker skills with it. The footage tells the whole story of what happened except where and when it did. We believe it was in September since the video was published on his YouTube channel on October 3. We would have to ask him, but it may not be that important, considering everything is already settled.

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After taking a picture of the damages, White contacted the police. He told the officer he had the videos of what occurred due to Sentry Mode. That is when they see a Kia Optima hit his car and parked somewhere else. It passed by the cameras and revealed its back license plate.

This Hit And Run Case Was Solved By Tesla Sentry Mode

It was all it took for the police officer to go after the car owner. In the video, White says he did not know if the driver was cited. Still, he then commented on the video that the Optima driver indeed was for no proof of insurance, which the police dismissed when he provided evidence that he had it. 

This Hit And Run Case Was Solved By Tesla Sentry Mode

White probably also did not press charges against the driver. Otherwise, he would probably have to go to court on account of hit and run. Sentry Mode provided more than enough evidence of that. Someone must be relieved White is a forgiving person.

Video Description Via Ben White On YouTube

My car was hit within 2 minutes of arriving at the gym:  

I got a notification that my car alarm was triggered.  I went out to see why. I noticed damage on the rear of my car with no other driver in sight. Here is what happened.

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