So, as you are probably aware, Tesla has updated its mobile app and is now showing an "Upgrades" feature. This means you can immediately check to see which paid and free upgrades your Tesla vehicle has already taken on, in addition to which upgrades are still available.

While the above situation may not have provided much unknown information to current Tesla owners in the past, that may not be the case anymore. This is because upon adding the app update, Tesla also initiated the recently added "Acceleration Boost" upgrade.

Tesla vehicles already accelerate off-the-line in an incredible manner due to the immediate torque that's a product of all-electric powertrains. There are really no other cars that can achieve what the Silicon Valley automaker has proven, at least when it comes to initial torque and otherworldly acceleration. But now, owners can pay $2,000 to crank things up even further for their Model 3 Long Range (dual-motor) vehicles.

Whether or not you agree with this Tesla money-making scheme or think that the Silicon Valley automaker's vehicles should or should not be able to accelerate even quicker, check out the videos to see that this is certainly the real deal. We've also included a nifty chart below.


Have you upgraded? If so, we'd love to know why, in addition to hearing about whether or not you're happy and impressed with the upgrade. Was your money well spent? Let us know in the comment section below.

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