Tesla recently released the 2019.40.2 over-the-air software update, which brings two interesting new Autopilot features:

  1. Adjacent Lane Speed Adjustments
  2. Stop Sign Detection

The first one was easy to confirm by those who already downloaded and tested the update. Cars now takes into account speed of vehicles in adjacent lanes and eventually slow down to decrease the speed difference.

The second one, detection of stop signs (just like red lights), seems to be a tricky one. Two videos, first by Dirty Tesla, and second by Mark Dickinson (below), shows that extremely rarely the car was able to warn the driver about an upcoming stop sign.

We assume Tesla's system is still learning and improving its stop sign detection and is required to gain confidence to actually warn the driver.

At some point in the future, with new updates, Tesla cars are expected to be able to brake and stop on their own.

Video Description via Dirty Tesla on YouTube:

Tesla Autopilot Update Brings Stop Light Warning (kinda) and More Advanced Speed Control | FSD |

This is update 2019.40.2. It is not early access, but only very few people are getting it yet. I am on HW2.5.

The stop sign detection is kinda finicky, but very cool when it works!

The adjacent lane speed matching...yeah I'm not so sure on that one.

Source: wholemars.net

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