It's rugged, fast and surely capable of handling a big camera rig, so we don't see why it won't be used as a camera car.

The Tesla Cybertruck as a camera car? Or rather, a camera truck. It makes sense if you think about it a bit. 

How do movie studios capture those thrilling car chase scenes? They need equally impressive camera vehicles. Usually, they’re beefed-up versions of cars, SUVs or trucks we see on the road – albeit with performance upgrades, large cranes attached to the roofs, and matte black bodies to prevent glare while shooting.

The Cybertruck would be ideal for this gig. Its body can be easily wrapped in matte black. The adaptive air suspension would help to adjust to the added load from the crane and camera and the bed would provide a perfect mounting point for the rig, as well as room for the operator. Furthermore, its heavy and low-mounted battery pack helps to offset the weight of that camera.

Garb a look at the video above for more reasons why the Cybertruck would be the ideal camera car.

Video description via FlashFilm Academy on YouTube:

With the Announcements of Tesla's New Cybertruck, it's hard not to see the camera car possibilities! With a range of 500+ MILES and 0-60 in under 3 seconds, the CyberTruck could be the best camera car/truck on the market.

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