Some vehicles can inspire the craziest ideas on designers. When two of these artists present almost the same concept, perhaps even the manufacturer should pay attention to it. Which is now the case with the Tesla Cybertruck. Check out the video above, made by Adry53, and the Facebook posts right below, conceived by JONSIBAL. Both present a wicked Tesla Cybertruck Widebody.


While the video allows us to see the electric pickup truck air suspension make it look like a lowrider, JONSIBAL’s images already present the idea very close to the ground, almost looking more like a coupé than like a pickup truck.

Instead of the bent stainless steel pieces around the wheel wells, these Cybertruck Widebody ideas show entirely new fenders attached to the pickup truck. It is just worth remembering that they would probably just increase the weight to the Cybertruck’s stressed-skin structure.

If you prefer, they would be simple add-ons, although necessary due to the amazingly large tires and wheels. It is also worth reminding that they could increase grip – something useful in a tug-of-war against the Ford F-150, for example – but would charge that in the form of much lower energy efficiency.

Gallery: Two Different Designers Present The Same Idea: The Tesla Cybertruck Widebody

Anyone willing to do that with the Cybertruck would probably don’t give a damn to efficiency. The main goal would be to make it look as mean and striking as possible, and both designers managed to extract that from the original vehicle.

If you could ask Tesla to produce any of them, which would be your choice? Adry53’s or JONSIBAL’s? And why?

Two Different Designers Present The Same Idea: The Tesla Cybertruck Widebody

Please tell us in the comments below and let us know if any other widebody renderings emerge. Tesla would probably like to see them, as well as the more than 250,000 fans willing to have a regular Cybertruck.

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