Are you aware that the Tesla Sentry Mode warns people it is filming? Not only at the infotainment screen, but also with headlight blinks? These people in a Catalonian parking lot, probably in Barcelona, had no clue it was like this. And they have provided a collection of videos that range from awe to fury.

Gallery: Catalonian Video Compilation Shows Awe And Fury Towards Tesla Model 3

The NemArt YouTube channel made two compilations of these videos. The first one, which you can see below, presents mostly people that work in the mall where the channel owner hired a parking spot for his Tesla Model 3 Performance.

Security staff, delivery clerks, elevator and escalator maintenance crews, and cleaners – you’ll get a good laugh with the last ones – mix up with a few clients that try to make Sentry Mode blink again. Some want to take pictures beside the car. Some want the headlights to flash again.

Catalonian Video Compilation Shows Awe And Fury Towards Tesla Model 3

There are all kinds of reactions, mostly friendly. In some cases, unaware of the filming – hence the very at ease images Sentry Mode gets.

The second compilation – in the main video at the top – is not that calm. An orange Ford Focus driver raises his middle finger twice for the car when he gets the message that he is being filmed. Luckily, that’s the most hostile he gets. He seems to have met the Model 3 Performance multiple times, and he waves to it on one of these occasions.

Catalonian Video Compilation Shows Awe And Fury Towards Tesla Model 3

No keying or any attempt to vandalize the car appears in this compilation. We just get these very diverse reactions to the Tesla. The NemArt channel owner even asks if the headlight blinking could be turned off so that the car does not call so much attention. Perhaps this is something Tesla could consider for future upgrades.

Video Description Via NemArt On YouTube:

Second compilation of Sentry Mode from my Tesla Model 3 Performance, white color with white premium interiors. I think that it's one of the reasons because so many people, even other Tesla owners take a look to my car, it's not usual (at least here) exterior white with interior white. Also, some people gets angry (I don't know why) when they see the message from Sentry Mode saying that it's recording; other people are surprised about that, and kids love it (and their fathers!). And,  I'm still thinking because the flash with headlights, sometimes receives more attention than desired, would be great a turn off option.

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