Indianapolis-based lithium-ion battery manufacturer EnerDel recently made an interesting comeback to the first pages of the EV world, as Workhorse announced its intention to use EnerDel Vigor+ battery packs in its upcoming C1000 electric delivery vehicles.

We didn't hear much about EnerDel for years as the company encountered serious financial difficulties and didn't secure any big orders for electric cars.

10 years ago the situation was different - EnerDel was a promising supplier with a pilot project with OEMs (like Volvo for example) and supplier of lithium-ion packs for the Th!nk City (Ener1, the parent company, even invested in Th!nk, but it didn't end well at the time because Th!nk went bankrupt).

Now, EnerDel was selected by Workhorse Group as "an additional key battery supplier" (to Panasonic we guess) for the C-series electric van project.

The initial order is for 5,200 battery packs (without disclosed timeframe), which tells us a little bit about the demand for the C-series.

"...EnerDel would be an additional key battery supplier for its next generation C-Series delivery vehicle. In conjunction with this announcement, Workhorse has placed an initial order for 5,200 EnerDel Vigor+ battery packs, which will be used in the production of its growing backlog of C-Series customer orders. Workhorse has secured financing to be able to provide battery leasing packages for the entire EnerDel partnership."

It actually would be great to see production of thousands of EV vans, as Workhorse really needs to successfully launch the product to simply survive (revenues in Q3 2019 were just $4,000 at a net loss of $11.5 million)

According to the press release, 70 kWh EnerDel pack can take fully loaded C-Series vehicles for 125 miles (200 km) on a single charge.

"EnerDel's advanced cell technology features a low-profile modular pack design that supports Workhorse's lightweight C-Series vehicles, enabling fleet customers to customize the pack size for each vehicle based on its duty cycle. Workhorse's selection of EnerDel as its latest battery supplier of choice complements the Company's existing utility partnership agreement, which seeks to generate second-life uses for its batteries."

Workhorse COO Dr. Robert Willison said:

"EnerDel's proven performance and its production capacity are an important supplement to our in-house battery manufacturing operation as we gear up for growth at scale. As an additional data point, during prototype testing, Workhorse's fully loaded C-Series vehicles, equipped with EnerDel 70kWh packs, have demonstrated a range in excess of 125 miles on a single charge. With that level of performance, we are eager to begin leveraging the benefits of this powerful technology."

Bruce Silk, Director of Business development for EnerDel, said:

“Our agreement with Workhorse is not just the opportunity to showcase our Vigor+ product line. EnerDel brings a lot more to the table than just supplying battery packs, including our experience in volume manufacturing, safety and performance, unbeatable warranty offerings and after-sale support that comes from years of experience. To meet increased demand, EnerDel has expanded its battery manufacturing and service capacity in the United States and to satisfy made-in-America requirements for federal funding and domestic business support. Our long-life cells and battery systems are the best in the industry for first life mobile and stationary Battery Electric Systems Solutions and make for ideal second-life applications and offerings.”

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