Perhaps you have never heard of the “Dutch Reach,” but it has saved uncounted lives. It also helps avoids accidents such as the one above, registered by TeslaCam in London, according to Julien Laurent’s YouTube channel. Luckily for the scooter rider, Automatic Emergency Braking also did what it should and braked the Tesla Model X that was filming.

Gallery: TeslaCam And Autopilot Do Their Magic When The Dutch Reach Is Forgotten

No idea what the “Dutch Reach” is? The video below will explain it.

If you do not have time for the video, this simple maneuver requires the driver to use the hand that is farther away from the door to open it. That movement makes the driver turn his head back and see oncoming traffic, especially from cyclists – or scooter riders, in this case.

This is a procedure taught in the Netherlands in driver’s licenses tests, hence the name. If you fail to do it, you can kiss your license goodbye. For excellent reasons: many people ride bicycles in that country. And they were probably tired of seeing things like the shocking video right here. If you are sensitive, we strongly recommend that you do not watch it. Stick with the description directly below.

That happened in Umuarama, Brazil, back in March 2019. The victim was 79-year-old Lauro Rodrigues da Costa, who stayed in the hospital for ten days before brain death was officially declared.

The 35-year-old woman that made him fall under the van’s tires was pregnant and denied being responsible for the whole thing. She was indicted for bodily injury and denied assistance. She did not aid Costa.

TeslaCam And Autopilot Do Their Magic When The Dutch Reach Is Forgotten

The scooter rider in London had his helmet on, but things could have been dire if the 2-ton Model X ran him over. Luckily, Autopilot braked before anything more serious had happened. And TeslaCam helped to prove the Model X driver was another victim of the van driver carelessly opening his door. Lauro Rodrigues da Costa did not stand a chance. In his honor, remember the Dutch Reach. Practice it. Make it a routine. Save lives or avoid harming them. 

Video Description Via Julien Laurent On YouTube:

During heavy traffic in London, a van driver opens his door without check in front of a passing scooter who in turns hit the passing model X

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