We have already said this, and we will repeat it: it was not Russia or China that had crazy drivers. It was the lack of dashcams that made us think it was a local problem. Or TeslaCam-equipped cars. The truth is that all governments all over the world give driver licenses to people that should never be behind a steering wheel – not even in bumper cars. If you don’t believe us, check the video above. It happened in Florida, probably not far from many of our readers.

Gallery: TeslaCam Proves People Can Stop In The Middle Of The Highway Everywhere

When you are done with it, tell us if this is not very similar to this video that went viral in China a while ago:

That’s the same sort of attitude, only with a pickup truck that decides to stop in the middle of the highway. The only excuse this driver has to do so is having a paralyzing fit. And no one can assure he will not die for being in the middle of the way of a ten-ton truck, as The Smiths would poetically state.

TeslaCam Proves People Can Stop In The Middle Of The Highway Anywhere

No truck was behind this Chevy Silverado. Instead, there was a Toyota Camry, a Chrysler Town & Country, and what seems to be a Chevy Tahoe. The latter was not able to stop, crashed into the minivan, and the Chrysler rear-ended the Toyota.

TeslaCam Proves People Can Stop In The Middle Of The Highway Anywhere

There is a box in the middle of the road that could be the reason why the Silverado stopped. Nate McComb – who had his Tesla film everything and even developed software to view these videos – says the does not believe that.

Did he think the pickup truck was trying to go right and stopped to wait for the right moment to do so? What can have caused this traffic atrocity? Ironically, nothing happened to the Silverado, but his driver should see some consequence. Banning from driving for life would be a good start, at least for the rest of us.

Video Description Via Nate McComb On YouTube:

I don't think the box came from the truck but this accident was caused by the truck stopping.

I-95 south and 10th Ave N. Exit 64, Lake Worth, FL


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