At first, we thought we were ahead of a Sentry Mode case, but the car moving a bit confirmed what the video title said: TeslaCam came to the rescue this time. In this specific case, it was due to tire rubbing, probably the first one TeslaCam registers. It affected Logan Boyd’s Tesla Model 3.

Gallery: See The Jeep Wrangler Rub Its Tire On A Tesla Model 3

The street was crowded – with cars parked on both sides – and this Jeep Wrangler just came too close to the Tesla. Apparently, with no reason: there was plenty of room on the street for it to steer more to the left.

By not doing it, the beefy right rear tire of the Wrangler rubbed on the left rear bumper and wheel arch of the Tesla. It is a pity the video does not show what the Model 3 looked like in the aftermath, but the thumbnail image of the video did. Forgive us for the low definition, but it was the best we could get.

See a Jeep Wrangler Rub Its Tire On A Tesla Model 3

It seems Boyd had no trouble contacting the Wrangler’s owner insurance company. After seeing the video, it immediately accepted to pay for the damages. The Jeep driver, on the other hand, tried to dispute it was his fault. Well, all hail the power of videos! Have a look at the description below to discover what happened next.

Video Description Via Logan Boyd On YouTube:

Tesla cam footage of jeep running into my bumper from the rear, left and front cameras

As the jeep turned his wheels back to the right he cut the corner too close and his right rear tire rubbed onto my bumper and quarter panel.

After uploading the video to his insurance (Progressive) they assumed full liability for the accident. The driver of the jeep tried to pass blame on me by saying the turn he was trying to make was too short and that he didn't think his jeep had done all of that damage to my car.

Once I told him that I had video of it all, he was quiet.

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