After some thought, I've come upon a business strategy that I would pursue "if I were Tesla." This is purely opinion-based, and I know people on both sides may be unhappy in one way or another, but this is just MY take.

If I were Tesla, I would focus on making 8 or 9 high-end vehicles. These would include entrants into every high-end vehicle category, including; full-size sedans, mid-sized sedans, full-size trucks and SUVs (a model sized to rival the Cadillac Escalade), mid-sized trucks and SUVs, and sports cars.

If I were Tesla, I would make these vehicles the very safest and tech-savvy vehicles on the face of the planet. People would pay good money for them, but they would do it gladly because they would get their money's worth.

If I were Tesla, I would not be in a hurry to build low-priced vehicles. (Tesla is already responsible for three mid-priced vehicles, the Kia eNiro, the Hyundai Kona Electric and the promised VW ID3). I would let others do the difficult work of going after the lower end, lower margin market. I'd stick with building very compelling, competitive price luxury models with lots of range.

If I were Tesla, I'd work toward becoming an OEM supplier. I'd sell batteries, motors and powertrain solutions at incredibly low prices. So low, in fact, that it would be less expensive for other auto manufacturers to build EVs than to build ICE cars. And, I could do this because I manufactured 100s of millions of propulsion systems per year. This along with my strong market share in the luxury segment would continue to push the industry forward toward "sustainable transportation."

If I were Tesla, I'd push to get my EV management software into many EV brands. I'd do this in an effort to become the preferred OS platform for all EVs.

If I were Tesla, I'd make building EVs the only smart choice for automobile manufacturers. I'd focus on the high end, high-profit vehicles for myself and let others battle out the fight over the low-margin vehicles. I'd seek to dominate the automobile software space and rake in billions for the work I do just once. I'd focus on my core competencies (what I do best). I'd keep my presence in the market (selling cars) to continue pushing the current boundaries and then let others take the risk and headache to move the lower-end broad-market forward to the new EV world.

If I were Tesla, I'd be the undisputed king of the automotive world.

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