When the car is reinventing itself to remain as the leading personal transportation option, companies have to follow suit. That is the case for Lister, famous for creating extremely capable combustion-engined cars based on Jaguar models. If Jaguar is going electric, with the I-Pace and with the future XJ, so is Lister with the SUV-E, its first BEV based on the I-Pace.

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Just like Steinbauer, Lister found out it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on mechanical changes when it relates to EVs. We may eventually get there, but now all it takes is a well-done software update that tells the battery and the motors they can deliver more than the production vehicle. But the British company does not stick just to that to make the I-Pace become the SUV-E.

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Lister knows weight and aerodynamics play a fantastic role not only in energy-efficiency in EVs. They are also crucial to performance. That is why the company developed an adjustable lowered suspension for the SUV-E, which reduced the frontal area of the vehicle.

Regarding mass, Lister changed the regular bumpers, front and rear splitters, bonnet, and roof spoiler for carbon fiber parts, which are much lighter. It also uses GRP – glass-reinforced plastic – on wheel arch extensions and front grille surround. The car also gets carbon-ceramic brakes. That leads to a weight reduction of 100 kg (220.5 lb).

Check the Lister SUV-E, The Hottest Jaguar I-Pace To Date

With all the changes, the Lister SUV-E is able to go from 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds. The regular I-Pace does the same in 4.6 s. There are probably some improvements on top speed as well, but Lister has not released anything about that.

With 60 options of leather colors for the interior, 2000 options of stitching, exclusive wheels, and any paintwork the customer desires, prices start at £125,000. When you remember an I-Pace starts from £69,995 in the UK, it is a 78.6 percent increase. Will that attract lots of customers? Probably not, but that is precisely what the ones that will contact Lister desire: a sense of specialness.

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04TH NOV 2019 - Welcome to the Lister SUV-E Concept.

Based on the already excellent, Jaguar I-Pace the Lister SUV-E concept is a pre-production collaboration between Lister and our chief designer Toby Tinsley. Changes to the original I-Pace consist of:

• Full Carbon Fibre Front Bumper.
• Full Carbon Fibre Front Splitter.
• Full Carbon Fibre Bonnet.
• Full Carbon Fibre Rear Bumper.
• Full Carbon Fibre Rear Splitter.
• Full Carbon Fibre Roof Spoiler.
• GRP Wheel Arch Extensions.
• New GRP Front Grille Surround.
• Carbon Ceramic Brakes
• Exclusive Lister Designed Titanium Wheel design.
• Custom Nappa Leather Interior in a choice of 60 leather colours and 200 stitching colours.
• Custom exterior colours in any colour of your choice.
• Fully Adjustable Lowered Suspension.
• More Aggressive Exhaust Sound (to comply with new electric vehicle regulations).
• Weight saving on the original car of 100kg bringing the weight down to 2033kg.
• Software Update resulting in improved BHP and Torque over standard car.
• 0-60 estimated at 4 seconds.

Whilst at Lister petrol runs through our veins instead of blood, we cannot ignore the interest in electric vehicles, especially as a low-tax company car offering. We are therefore introducing the SUV-E concept based on the Jaguar I-Pace as an opportunity for those interested in electric power to own a truly unique and bespoke electric vehicle. All Lister SUV-E will be built to customers individual specifications, which include paintwork in any colour the customer likes, a choice of over 60 leather colours and a can-do attitude where basically anything is possible. The on-the-road price will be around the £125,000 mark and only a limited number will be produced pending interest and pre-orders.

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