According to CNBC, Tesla just acquired Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computer Vision startup DeepScale. The small company was founded in 2015 and develops perceptual system technologies for automated vehicles, with a focus on neural networks. Specific details about the deal are unknown at this time.

The media continues to scrutinize Tesla for just about everything, though its Autopilot system and the way in which it's testing the semi-autonomous technology is arguably the hottest topic. Additionally, Tesla is under close watch for its financial situation. It's clearly struggling to show a profit, however, stories like this remind us that the Silicon Valley automaker is laser-focused on investing in the future.

Not only is Tesla years ahead of the competition, but it also continues to surge forward. Its massive Nevada Gigafactory has given it a major edge in the EV space. Now, the automaker is almost finished constructing an automotive manufacturing facility in China (Gigafactory 3), it recently acquired battery company Maxwell Technologies, and now it has moved to acquire a startup to help with its full self-driving and robo-taxi future.


What do you think of Tesla's continued investments? Should the company just focus on the immediate tasks at hand and strive to show a profit or should it continue pushing forward and pushing the envelope? As always, let us know in the comment section below.

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Tesla Acquires Computer Vision Startup DeepScale

CNBC is reporting that Tesla has acquired the AI computer vision startup, DeepScale. The Mountain View company was founded in 2015 by Berkley researcher Forrest Iandola, and has raised $18.5M to date. What are your thoughts on why Tesla made this acquisition? Will it help the company accelerate its autonomy ambitions? Let me know what you think below!


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