The all-electric Genovation GXE (a converted Chevrolet Corvette) just set a world speed record for being the fastest electric car. Watch footage of the run here.

The GXE made its public debut back at CES in 2018, but prior to that, we learned quite a bit about the Genovation GXE way back in 2016 when the car set a record at 205.6 MPH. But now, the bar has been raised again to a new record of 210.2 MPH.

Genovation GXE specs:

  • top speed of 220 mph (350 km/h)
  • twin-motor powertrain: 800+ hp (597+ kW) and in excess of 700 lb-ft (949 Nm)
  • 0 to 60 mph (96 kph) will take less than 3 seconds
  • around 60 kWh battery for roughly 130 miles (209 kilometers) of range

Back in 2016, Genovation opened order books for the $750,000 GXE. Sales were to start in Q4 2019, which is now right around the corner. There's no word on how many orders were placed or if production and sales are on schedule to begin soon.

Video description via Genovation Cars on YouTube:

First, we got rained out. Then we battled massive crosswinds.

The GXE still broke its own world record for fastest street-legal all-electric supercar: 210.2 mph...and there's more record-breaking to come.

This would seem to indicate that the Genovation GXE will head back to the track (or some drag strip) to set some more world records for electric cars.

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