A video title can be very misleading. Check this one from the DÆrik YouTube channel, for example. At the time we are publishing this article, it reads like this: “Picking Up My New Standard Range Plus Model 3! How is it so cheap?.” But is it?


In the channel’s defense, the video does not speak about prices at any moment apart when Erik Strait mentions how much he paid for the car: exactly $41,190. Which may be little money for a guy that owns two companies, so it is a matter of perspective. 

Anyway, and for most people, that is a whole lot of money. Otherwise, Tesla would sell much more than it does today. And probably many more Model S and Model X units.

That said, what the video tries to establish are the differences the Standard Plus derivative has when compared to the Long Range and the Performance versions.

Strait had a Tesla Model 3 Performance, but he decided to make it a project car. With apparently extensive changes that will take “several months” to get concluded. That is what led us to this new Model 3, almost an entry-level if it was not for the white interior.

White Model 3

Besides replacing Strait’s real ride for several months, the idea with this car is to perform a lot of DIY stuff on it. Probably to show how anyone that can afford to have a Model 3 can avoid paying much less to change the things they do not like. You know, you have to save to pay for a brand-new Tesla Model 3 even if it is a “cheap” Standard Range Plus. 

Video Description Via DÆrik On YouTube:

Well since my Performance Model 3 will getting some special stuff done to it in the next several months, I need a new car. So, to no-ones surprise, I bought another Model 3. However this time I went with the base model SR+. I bought the cheapest model available but did decide to upgrade to the white interior for an extra $1,000. Lets dive into what the SR+ is missing that the Long range and performance cars have!

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