We have been following the saga the guys from the TFLCar YouTube channel with their Tesla Model X. Aware that electric pickup trucks promise to be the next big thing on the market, they bought the EV that more closely performs as a pickup truck and put it to the test in multiple situations, such as towing. For the second time, the Model X failed to perform as expected, according to the video above.

After having a hard time towing a large trailer, the guys from TFLCar tried to make a road trip with a camper trailer, which is much lighter. But it is not very aerodynamic as well, which could prove to be troublesome at high speed.

According to the video, pulling the lighter trailer at 75 mph cuts the range in half. As we mentioned before, probably because the current trailers have not been designed for electric cars. 

Some may need to have a supplemental battery pack. All of them will have to be much more aerodynamic. Since EVs are very efficient machines, anything that interferes with that energy efficiency will show up in a more pronounced way than it would with an ICE car.

And this is what the video shows.

The Towing Saga With the Tesla Model X Continues, Now For Camping

TFLCar makes a test with a rooftop tent and checks it kills a lot of range, so they decided to remove it from the camper trailer. When they actually put the Model X on the road, the YouTube channel realizes it only gets one hour and a half of range for 1 one hour of charging. Something that makes a 19-hour journey turn into a 27-hour trip. 

It seems the TFLCar channel is trying to show what has to be done for electric pickup trucks to get it right. At the same time, and after their interview on buying an electric car with a renowned critic of them, it makes some believe their videos' goal is just to increase FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt). Especially after the end of the video, which was not due to a proper technical issue with the car but rather to a tight schedule.

What do you think of all this? Is the video a neutral piece of evidence that towing has to improve a lot in EVs? Is it something to make car dealers happy that they will still have regular pickup trucks to sell despite the electric options? Will anyone repeat the trip to verify if it was feasible in a way TFLCar has not tried? We wait for your comments below.

Video Description Via TFLCar on YouTube

Can electric trucks tow. We set out to find out by towing with a Tesla Model X across the country for 1200 Miles from Colorado to Portland. Follow along in this video to see what happens when we tow a 2000 pound trailer.

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