Porsche has not been shy in regards to showing off its soon-to-be-fully-revealed Taycan. We've seen the car charging, out on the track and even driven by the likes of Motorweek.

However, we've yet to see the Taycan in flashy hues. Instead, we've really only seen a black Taycan, as well as some with camo applied. So, what does the Taycan look like is other hues?

Check out the all-new Porsche Taycan in all sorts of new and exciting colors ahead of its official debut just a few days away. InsideEVs will be attending the reveal event, so stay tuned for exclusive coverage.

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Below are some recently released highlights from Porsche in regards to the Taycan.

The new Taycan: the first all-electric sports car from Porsche

A whole range of technical features guarantees an impressive race track performance of the Taycan:

  • The Taycan has two exceptionally efficient electric motors on the front and rear axles and therefore features all-wheel drive. The all-wheel drive and traction control systems operate significantly faster than conventional systems. For example, if one wheel has more slip, the electric motors regulate it within a fraction of a second.
  • The integrated Porsche 4D-Chassis Control analyses and synchronises all chassis systems in real time. The innovative chassis systems include adaptive air suspension with three-chamber technology including electronic damper control PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management), as well as the Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport (PDCC Sport) electromechanical roll stabilisation system, including Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV Plus). The record-breaking car also featured rear-axle steering and 21-inch tyres.
  • The Taycan is the first production vehicle with a system voltage of 800 volts rather than the normal 400 volts for electric cars. The benefits include high levels of consistent performance.
  • The driving modes profile of the new Taycan offers special settings to make full use of the all-electric drive’s properties. In “Sport Plus” mode, driver requests are implemented in an extremely dynamic way. As a result, the battery’s cooling and heating strategy has been designed for maximum performance. At the same time, the cooling air flaps are opened, the rear spoiler is extended early on for minimal lift, while the chassis set-up becomes optimised for maximum race track performance, and the suspension permanently set in the lowest position.

Source: Taycan Forum

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