A Toyota 4Runner blocked access to a Tesla Supercharger. What follows is some form of road rage which is capture and presented on video right here.

As you can see in the video, the 4Runner not only blocks access to a charging stall, but it's also parked over the line. The occupants of the 4Runner seem to be of the not-so-friendly variety.

However, the Tesla driver seems a bit standoff-ish too. Why parked in such a tight spot? It seems this whole encounter could've been avoided, though perhaps a charge was absolutely essential.

Regardless, we wouldn't suggest such an approach as it's almost sure to lead to an outcome similar to this.

Grab a watch of the video and let us know in comments if you would've parked your Tesla in that spot.

Video description via Ferrari348GTS on YouTube:

Jerks in 4Runner take up Supercharger spot and harass Tesla owner, when they parked over the line.


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