Defining Rivian as the company that made the Tesla pickup truck before Tesla is a very clever way to put things. Even if neither Tesla nor Rivian will be very happy about it. After all, Tesla models have proven to be very popular despite being electric. As a Cox Automotive study presented, lots of people do not want simply an EV. They want a Tesla. Rivian still has to prove it has the same mojo. Or an even better one. TopSpeed has made you the favor of putting all info about the new EV maker in a video that will take you a little more than five minutes to watch.

If our readers are any sign of what Rivian can expect in terms of sales, the electric vehicle startup can be very confident in the future. All news about it or its new pickup truck, the R1T, has a lot of audience. Probably with people wondering what the electric pickup will be able to offer.

A recent test of TFL showed that it is very likely that electric pickup trucks will bring back range anxiety when towing large trailers. Such situations make the vehicle spend energy up to three times faster than it normally does.

Will that be a problem for the R1T? Will Tesla deliver a pickup truck before the “Tesla pickup truck” from Rivian? Please tell us what you think below. 

Video Description via TopSpeed on YouTube:

Rivian is a Michigan-based automaker and automotive tech company with big goals.

The company was founded just over 10 years ago, in April 2009 and thanks to backing from investors from Japan and Saudi Arabia, it managed to develop its modular “skateboard” platform and, later on, the R1T and R1S. It’s this chassis that can essentially accommodate any body (and body style) on it that other manufacturers are interested in because if they use that instead of developing their own EV platform, it could save them billions.

Story by Andrei Nedelea

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