To some, it might seem crazy to think that Tesla can make notable improvements to its cars' suspension system with over-the-air software updates. Sure, update infotainment features and security systems, add video games and Easter eggs, but upgrading Model S and Model X Raven fully-adaptive damping air suspension system?

In reality, it's not that crazy. In fact, the possibilities related to what Tesla can do with over-the-air updates are seemingly infinite. Basically, anything in or on the car that's electronically controlled, uses software, or has any sort of computer or chip management can likely be adjusted with an OTA software update.

According to Tesla's release notes, the suspension update improves damping for better adjustment at speeds over 100 mph (via Electrek):

Ride comfort is improved for high speed driving. Both Standard and Sport modes now have updated suspension damping algorithms to adapt better at speeds above 160 km/h (100 mph). To adjust Adaptive Suspension Damping tap Controls > Suspension. As always, please drive responsibly.

It's important to note that, as with most Tesla OTA update rollouts, there are other improvements as well. However, each depends on which version of each car you own.

Tesla has worked hard to assure that its cars are future proof. Clearly, the automaker's work has paid off. Despite the fact that the Model S has been around since 2012, no other EV has even come close to it on a plethora of levels, aside from perhaps Tesla's own Model 3. According to Motor Trend, the 2013 Tesla Model S is its Ultimate Car of The Year, meaning it's the overall winner for all time when it comes to the coveted award.

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