It is always better to check the total capacity of the Tesla Model 3 battery pack in percentage than in miles. You should always park it overnight with a 90% charge, at least. These are some of the tips the EVlectric YouTube channel claims to have obtained from a person that helped design the Model 3 battery packs. And these are not spoilers, just the beginning of this story.

It began when the presenter got worried for charging his Model 3 to 100 percent and getting 296 mi of range instead of the normal 310 mi he used to have. This led him to talk to a bunch of people and the insider we mentioned before.

But this is where things get interesting. The EVlectric channel pinned one comment that says at least one of the tips is mumbo jumbo. Here is what Rocco Speranza states:

2:50, 100% false, it is not based on your driving habits, it is based on a fixed efficiency of 242 wh/mi and battery size for the long range model.

Go here if you really want to know how to protect your battery. The 90% note is strictly to keep the BMS calibrated, it DOES wear the battery more doing this.

And the mentioned tread brings a very interesting video not only on the Model 3 battery pack, but on all lithium-ion battery packs:


It is a very solid video, with links to Tesla's specific battery pack videos. So it is nice that the EVlectric brought up the topic, even if the best tips and explanations on battery degradation and how to postpone it did not exactly come from their inside source.

Check the videos, the tread and get enlightened about this subject. And decide for yourself which tips are worth following.

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