What a cool concept? And by concept, we mean the Tesla pickup truck as well as the video of an artist working on the rendering.

Right away, some people will probably say that the truck looks too small. It almost appears to be a compact pickup truck, and we're pretty confident that's not what Tesla is cooking up. However, without having it up next to something tangible, we have no way of knowing for sure.

In addition, the artist hails from India. The reason we mention this is that pickup trucks in India tend to be smaller than the beasts in the North America.

YouTuber NM tunes (Neel Merai) performs what he calls "Insta_modifications." Essentially, he uses software to draw a rendering by starting with an existing model and making changes. The best part about this concept is that he shares videos of the entire process / performance.

In this case, Merai begins with a Tesla Model X. We get to watch him transition it to a pickup truck that could definitely be produced by Tesla. Regardless of whether or not you think it's on point, Merai deserves much credit for his talents.

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Video Description via NM tunes on YouTube:

World's first Tesla truck NM tunes

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