It's not the fastest Model S by any means, but it still flies.

More often than not, the only Tesla Model S we really see on video performing some high-speed runs is the top-of-the-line Model S P100D. Admittedly, it's hugely entertaining to watch the pace at which the P100D accelerates.

However, there are several other Model S variants that are a bit more down to earth in regards to both speed and price.

Take the Model S 75D, for example. Depending on options, this version of the Model S can be some $40,000 cheaper than the P100D, but do you sacrifice much in the way of performance? Sure, but it's still among the quickest family sedans in the world and your pocketbook is that much fuller.

Watch this video clip of the Model S 75D doing a run from 0 to 140 MPH to see why even this version of the Model S is still quite an impressive electric machine.

Video description via Electric Petrolhead on YouTube:

0-140mph in my Tesla Model S 75D at Cottesmore RAF military base in England. Goes to show how effortlessly these cars pile on speed. I'll be honest - it was fun, but I enjoyed the handling circuit much more! 

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