The Tesla owner's day turned sour in a flash.

After reportedly consuming some alcohol, the Tesla owner got behind the wheel of his car and proceeded to drive some distance (presumably headed home). Things didn't go as planned (as they often don't if you drink and drive) though.

The Tesla driver smashed his car into an electrical box. The Tesla (we think it's a Model 3) quickly became engulfed in flames. Firefighters, along with police, appeared on the scene and the blaze seemed to be under control quite quickly. It's doesn't appear as though the battery caught fire.

However, the Tesla driver was arrested on sight for suspicion of driving while intoxicated. The car itself is clearly totalled and the driver will likely be responsible for paying to repair the damaged electrical box too. Plus he's behind bars.

Moral of the story is quite simple...don't drink and drive. Luckily, it seems nobody was injured this time around. But with readily available options like Uber and Lyft, this sort of incident can be easily avoided.

Video description via ABC 10 News on YouTube:

A driver was arrested on suspicion of DUI Wednesday morning after he crashed a Tesla into an electrical box in Cardiff, causing the vehicle to burst into flames.

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