Porsche teases the Taycan in Shanghai as China will be an important sales market for its first BEV

Porsche is working hard to promote the Taycan ahead of the unveiling of the final production version. The prototypes were recently shown in three continents, including Shanghai, China.

It comes as no surprise that the German manufacturer is busy promoting its first BEV since the target of 40,000 sales annually will represent well over 10% of the brand's overall sales. Any success or failure will be a major factor in the company's results.

Here we can see how the Taycan prototype looks on the streets of Shanghai, as China could become one of the biggest markets for the model.

"Public premiere for Porsche Taycan prototype: A still camouflaged Taycan prototype is making three appearances on three continents in the period of three weeks, visiting China, the UK and the US – each important sales markets for the first all-electric sports car from Porsche. Watch how the Taycan prototype was shown for the first time on the streets in Shanghai."

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