A lot of people look at the Tesla Model X with a feeling that it is not a proper SUV. For them, it is just a crossover. Or a taller Model S, straight from the shoulder. That may be true for most of its clients, who just want… a taller Model S, with a higher driving position and falcon doors to entertain the kids. But there are some guys that do not feel oppressed by the price tag and try to explore what such a vehicle has to offer. Huge torque, for example. Or a respectable ground clearance. Yes, the Model X can tackle trails. And these fellows in the Czech Republic made that solely by putting mud tires on the EV.

The video shows the Model X performing a great deal of things you would only expect from a Land Rover or of a Jeep. It goes up and down the off-road at Czech Motorland, crosses mud pits, fords (no pun intended), log crawls, handles side slopes and performs apparently well in most situations you would never imagine seeing such a luxurious electric SUV. And the main character in this adventure is not an ordinary Model X, if that even exists, but a P100D, as you can see in the video. Ask anyone crazy about off-roading how much fun they could have with 791 lb-ft.

Tesla Model X Tackles Off-Road Track With Mud Tires

If you had (or has) a Model X, would you risk putting it in such situations? Would you defy a Jeep at The Rubicon Trail with this Tesla? More than that, how well do you believe you would do in an off-road environment? The Model X, as this video testifies, would probably just need some water to get back to business as usual on the tarmac. Perhaps the future Tesla pickup truck would do even better.

Gallery: Tesla Model X Tackles Off-Road Track With Mud Tires

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