This Tesla Model S was saved by Autopilot from being hit on its side on a highway. Had it been hit, a more major wreck might've followed, considering that high speeds were involved. 

It's unlikely a driver would've been able to react in time to prevent this wreck, but that's what Autopilot is there for. It saves cars seemingly every day, thus proving it's a system worth having, despite its occasional faults.

The question is, would you, as the driver, been able to prevent the crash too? We tend to think most drivers wouldn't have reacted quickly enough to prevent a collision.

Watch the clip above to see Autopilot quickly react to prevent a collision. 

Video description via Terrible Toronto Drivers on YouTube:

This Tesla Model S was driving NB on the 404 in Toronto on Autopilot when the white Toyota started merging directly into the Tesla.

With just inches to spare, the Tesla's autopilot swerved into the next lane and avoided what could have been a massive collision as both cars were driving ~ 120 km/h.

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