During the first five months of this year Tesla gained many positions on the sales chart as the Model 3 reached really high volumes.

While the Model 3 has become the third best selling model in California, in Western Europe the Tesla brand already outsold Porsche.

The chart provided by industry analyst Matthias Schmidt (schmidtmatthias.de) shows that Tesla was able to overtake the Porsche brand almost solely thanks to Model 3.

"Tesla may be selling just one tenth the volume of the likes of #Mercedes, #Audi and #BMW in the same region but are performing well against other niche premim OEMs"

The next step could be Jaguar - maybe in June, when another big wave of Model 3 deliveries will hit the market.

  • Jaguar: around 35,000
  • Tesla: 31,065
  • Porsche around 27,000
  • Alfa Romeo: around 22,500
  • Lexus: close to 20,000

We should note that the Model 3 deliveries started in February, which means that comparing February-May would make Tesla's result relatively better.

It's not clear yet how big Tesla sales will be after the initial pool of orders received from February 2019 dries out.


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