BYD intends to expand its electric trucks sales to Australia through a partnership with Macquarie Group and local distributor Nexport.

Starting with two models - T5 and T6, each rated for up to 300 km (186 miles), the Chinese manufacturer will be targeting small to medium logistics companies.

It's said that the cargo capacity and range will allow for non-compromise operation, compared to diesel counterparts, while long-term fuel savings should offset the initial purchase price.

"While the trucks will have a higher upfront costs, the fuel savings are expected to be considerable. Nexport estimates that operators could achieve “like-for-like” savings of up to 40%, saving $6,000-$10,000 annually for trucks driving 50,000km a year."

Bigger trucks could be introduced as early as 2020 and BYD already offers various models, including trucks and rubbish collection vehicles as terminal tractors.

The decisive factor will be probably the market demand for such trucks.

BYD T9 Class 8 Day Cab

Source: The Driven

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