Roland van der Put, Fastned's Head of Network Technology recently shared a photo of a new ultra-fast charging station under construction.

The photo shows us how big a task it is to build a future-proof, multi-charger station, which will be ready to handle at least several 350 kW chargers simultaneously.

At first, the company needs to place concrete foundations for the chargers and then pre-wire each stand for full power, even if initially there will be just 2-4 50-175 kW chargers.

"Our 175 / 350 kW chargers need a large number of cable ducts to feed them. It takes a lot of careful preparation and hard work to construct a new station from scratch in just a couple of weeks. The end result always looks beautiful."

The total length of the cable ducts can be up to around 1 km (1,000 meters) per station.

We guess that other stations, like Tesla Supercharging station with 50 stalls, are even many more times bigger.

"At this particular station we're installing about one kilometer (1.000 meters!!) of cable ducts."


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