According to Matt Harrison - Executive Vice President, Sales, Toyota Motor Europe, the Japanese manufacturer believes that within 10 years, prices of hydrogen fuel cell cars will match hybrid car prices.

"By the third generation we fully expect fuel cell costs to be comparable with hybrids. We believe fuel cell vehicles have a huge potential,"

When we look at the current prices in the U.S. the FCVs cost roughly twice as much as regular hybrids:

  • Toyota Mirai (FCV): from $58,500 ($43,500 after deducting $15,000 in fuel over three years)
  • Toyota Prius (HEV): from $23,770

It's very interesting that Toyota believes in a huge reduction of prices for FCVs, while at the same time remains skeptical about all-electric cars, because of their high price, despite the fact that BEVs are currently significantly cheaper than FCVs.

Moreover, Harrison adds that the hybrids will be more affordable:

"Our next-generation hybrid technology will be more affordable still."

We guess rather that all-electric models will become competitive to not only hybrids but conventional internal combustion engine cars sooner. In the higher-end of the market, electric cars already are priced comparably to gas/diesel counterparts.

Source: Automotive News

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