Teslacam (as well as Sentry Mode) opened the Tesla world to a whole new level of collecting weird and/or accident type of videos.

Here is another short video, provided by Raymond Luong, who caught a 3-way crash caused by not stopping on a red light.

According to the video description, the cam version was 2019.7.106 and the author noted that "Quality could be better" - well, hopefully, it will be in the future.

From our perspective, we note that features like Teslacam or Sentry Mode generate tremendous interest, especially in relation to the cost of the feature for the manufacturer, which is mostly only developing the software for already set hardware.

Some people enjoy using those features and share the result, which prompt others to learn about the things that other non-Tesla cars don't have as standard.

If Tesla would like to further improve sales, it's probably the best way from a cost standpoint and in-line with Elon Musks philosophy to pay only for things that makes the product better (not for ads). The untapped potential is huge. What else Tesla could add to its cars, which could improve the car and generate more interest after games, videos and... farts?

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