Now, this here is a super original new video series that comes our way via Model 3 owner Tesla Canuck. We've featured several of his more serious videos here on InsideEVs in the past.

As it turns out, Teslacam doesn't only catch brake-checking Chevy Camaro drivers who get rear-ended by Tesla.

Rather, it can be used for some rather comedic purposes too, it seems. Take, for example, volume 1 in this new "Dumb Drivers Caught on Tesla Cam" video series. This clip shows a king size mattress atop a rather small car. Certainly, we've all seen this out on the roads and we chuckle then too.

However, a whole video series wrapped around some dumb acts by drivers will certainly have a high entertainment value and we're excited to see what's next.

This is one of the less serious uses of Teslacam, but humor is what makes life just a wee bit easier.

Video description via Tesla Canuck on YouTube:

The Tesla Cam picks up a lot of drivers doing dumb things. So, I started a new regular series "Dumb Drivers Caught on Tesla Cam."

Watch this driver with a king mattress strapped to the roof of their compact car!!

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