While many folks continue to assert that the Tesla Autopilot system is far away from being where it may need to be for Full Self-Driving capability, it surely does some things that can be seen as truly incredible.

Watch the video above and you'll see that this truck comes over the lane divider line. The Tesla driver claims that he was paying attention, and we agree with that, since he was able to immediately brake as soon as he saw the truck drifting over.

However, he also says it all happened so fast that he isn't quite sure what happened. But, he does know that the Tesla Autopilot system's cameras "saw" the truck and abruptly veered his Model 3 to the right to avoid an impact. 

Regardless of accidents and specifics surrounding what anyone says about Tesla Autopilot and the automaker's Full Self-Driving pursuits, this type of tech (regardless of company or automaker) is clearly saving many more people than it's hurting. 

Hopefully, in a few years, we'll be able to report that fully autonomous systems are more than proving their worth in helping to reduce accidents.

Video Description via farmerinchico on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3, AutoPilot Makes an Evasive Movement to avoid a truck.

Tesla Model 3 made an evasive movement while Autopilot was engaged. I remember slamming on the brakes. The movement to the right was the Autopilot. The whole incident occurred really fast. The truck driver didn't check his mirrors or was doing 'something else.'

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