There are some crazy risk-takers out there. Will Tesla Autopilot spare their lives?

Tesla is working diligently toward its Full Self-Driving technology. In order to so, it has been "beta" testing it Autopilot system in its entire global fleet for years. This means that testing is performed by owners in real-world situations on actual roadways. Tesla takes the information that it gleans from the testing and applies incremental over-the-air software updates on a regular basis.

If you've kept up with the Autopilot system's barrage of improvements, you may know that while it couldn't "see" or stop for a parked fire truck not long ago, now it seems it can. However, every situation is a vastly different.

In the past, we shared some videos of how Tesla Autopilot handles pedestrians. Like the above, the results proved quite varied. Keep in mind, though, that this is not something that's very easy to test, since we don't want to injure pedestrians, along with the fact that tests using "fake" people and situations are never going to play out the same as real-world situations. 

YouTuber Tesla Driver has set up a testing course, which we showed you in a recent video share. In this video, he uses a real pedestrian to give us an idea of how Tesla Autopilot may react. We don't advise testing this out yourself, but it's interesting, nonetheless.

Check out the video and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via Tesla Driver on YouTube:

Tesla AutoPilot vs CRAZY People On The Road! - will it stop? (SPOILER. ONLY SOMETIMES!?)

Tesla AutoPilot vs Pedestrians On The Road! will it stop? Is it safe?

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