We take you inside the super secret meeting of the Tesla short sellers. Hear what really goes on at these meeting in this video right here.

We get a super rare scoop here and go behind the scenes with the Tesla short seller community. As you'll see in this video, there's some top secret talk behind closed doors.

We pushed ourselves passed these normally off-limits areas to bring you some one-of-a-kind behind the scenes looks (dare we say never before seen footage) at the crowd who is attempting to take down Tesla.

***This humorous video was created by @the_PlugSeeker. YouTube channel here

We don't advise you take this course of action though, as the dark side will reveal that Tesla, though with flaws, has such accomplishments to its name as the Model S, Model X, Model 3, Superchargers, solar energy...guess there's just too much to list here.

Regardless, as this secret shorts meeting reveals, whatever the next Tesla product in the pipeline is, it's sure to fail. So goes the same saying for the past decade.

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