Tesla and CEO Elon Musk have continued to assert that its vehicles are leaps and bounds above and beyond all others when it comes to safety. While many naysayers may conclude that this is not true, we continue to see social media shares and videos that attempt to prove otherwise. Not to mention Tesla's exemplary crash test ratings.

This recent video share and related story once again attempt to prove Tesla cars' ultimate safety. As first reported by Teslarati, this Model S made its five-star safety rating a reality in more ways than one. As you can see from the video filmed in Barcelona, Spain, this Model S fared exceedingly well in an accident that may have left the driver and any occupants in terrible shape.

This was a crazy three-car accident that occurred through a busy area in Spain. While the Tesla owner stepped out of his car unscathed, sadly the station wagon driver has reportedly perished due to the impact of the collision.

Video Description via The Vanguard on YouTube:

Deadly accident on the C-16

Source: Teslarati

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