Lexus - the long-standing BEV reluctant brand, is recognizing the necessity to introduce all-electric cars at least in some markets where regulations leave the automaker with no choice.

International President Yoshihiro Sawa said recently that the BEVs are now needed in China and Europe, but didn't reveal when we could expect to see the first electric Lexus.

"Definitely here we need an EV in the future. But I cannot say when or how."

Lexus is currently, of course, focused on the hybrids, but works on plug-in hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell models too. Yoshihiro Sawa noted however that PHEVs don't help the automaker to fulfill requirements:

"Lexus is working on plug-in hybrids and fuel cell vehicles in addition to EVs, Sawa noted. But plug-ins don't fulfill some regulatory requirements.

"It's a transition era," Sawa said. "We are studying several possibilities.""

Source: Automotive News

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