It sure seems to resemble the latest teaser.

That recent teaser was released by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Therefore, we believe this is our first look at the shape of the real deal Tesla truck.

So, what exactly are we looking at here? It's a 3D render hidden with Tesla's firmware. It's then exposed through a program that allows it to be manipulated so that we can see it from various angles. While it could be used to indicate a nearby truck while on Autopilot, it's shape looks oh-so-familiar.

Is This Our First Look At The Real Tesla Truck? Video
3d render

There's not enough info to say for sure that this is our first look at the shape of the Tesla truck. However, the resemblance between the teaser released by Musk and this 3D render contained within Tesla's own system is immediately clear. Additionally, we now seem certain that the image teased by Musk was of the front of the Tesla truck and not its rear.

Grab a look at the video above and see for yourself. Let us know in comments what you think this image depicts.

Video description:

My good friend and ethical hacker Jasper Nuyens ( has discovered a 3D render of a pickup truck that has some resemblance to the teaser image of the pickup that Elon showed at the Model Y unveil.

Tesla also uses the Model S render to show other cars on the dash. So, just maybe, this image is not simply a standard pickup truck image, but an actual render of the pickup truck that we will get to see later this year.

Sounds like a reasonable enough assumption to us.

Tesla will officially unveil its electric truck later this year.

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