Ford F-150 Energi?

The recently spotted test mule of a camouflaged Ford F-150 - suspected to be all-electric (with a fake exhaust pipe) or plug-in hybrid - was recently discussed by TheFastLaneTruck.

Spy photos obtained by InsideEVs reveal and independent rear suspension, while from the side profile we probably see battery packs (on the bottom).

TFLnow's video contains a short clip (1:45) of the prototype driving silently through the intersection. It's the ultimate proof that this truck is electrified (hopefully not to a basic hybrid system, but a true plug-in).

And you know what? There is something special, gentle and mystic in witnessing big EVs crawling along quietly with all the power and torque available right away at any time.

Electric trucks are nearly upon us and when one finally arrives, it's sure to take the world by storm. Our money is on Rivian delivering its R1T electric truck before any other automaker, but maybe Tesla will be first with its pickup? We'll find out soon enough.

Gallery: Watch Ford F-150 Electric Pickup Truck Drive Silently: Video

Images: Automedia

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