You have enough cash for 4 Nissan LEAFs but want only one? You are welcome to buy it for that price in Singapore.

Singapore is an interesting place but that's before you notice the price of cars. We recently found that the Nissan LEAF (with a 40 kWh battery) is offered in Singapore for $167,300 SGD (over $123,000 USD)!

The reason for such high prices are taxes, taxes, and taxes from taxes.

According to our research, one who would like to purchase a car first would need to get a Certificate of Entitlement, which cost $50,000-60,000. The good news is once you have the Certificate of Entitlement you are halfway there. The bad news is that it expires in 10 years!

The second step is to purchase the car and pay taxes, which includes an Additional Registration Fee (AFR), which altogether are comparable to doubleĀ the price of the car! It's like paying for two or three cars, but getting just one.

Some premium models like Audi cost in SingaporeĀ $250,000 USD. Because the EVs are more expensive than the conventional cars, also the taxes will be higher, which is a double hit to electrification.


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