Tesla Model Y unveiling in its entirety.

Tesla released the official, high-quality video from the Tesla Model Y unveiling, so finally, we can take a look at it again and enjoy the historical moment of introduction the car that in two years from now could become the new best-selling EV.

Elon Musk hinted that sales of the Model Y could be higher than the Model S, Model X and Model 3 combined.

You can see a comparison of all four versions of Model Y here, while photo galleries and videos are available here:

  • Tesla Model Y Image Extravaganza
  • Tesla Model Y Event Video Overload
  • Take A Look Inside The Spacious Tesla Model Y: Video
  • Tesla Model Y Panoramic Glass Roof Is Stunning: Video
  • Video Blitz: Let’s Welcome The Tesla Model Y To The Stage
Some think that the Model Y as a kind of crossover/SUV could be a Model 3+ instead of a separate model, while the Y should be a bigger SUV. Others worry about the timing and competition.

We remain cautiously optimistic because the EV market is still a big blue ocean. Moreover, with each additional model and factory (Model Y probably will be produced at the Gigafactory in Nevada, plus base versions in China), Tesla is becoming more resistant and flexible.

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