Fake car sounds for EVs? The burble of a V8 in a Tesla? C'mon now.

As there are more and more electric car models on the market and electrified cars will be required to make some sound for safety reasons, Harman is developing various concept sounds in Michigan.

Roadshow recently visited Harman to check out the studio and the synthesized sounds of V8 engine and futuristic space ships (like UFOs) that would be emitted by the car through external speakers. Well, we are not fans of pedestrian sound alerts, but it seems it will be obligatory in the near future.

One of the EV test cars turns out to be a Tesla Model S. A Model S with a V8 sound! Yes, that's right. Oh just imagine how awful that would be. Flip forward to around 1 minute and 20 seconds to hear the V8 Tesla.

"Harman could give your next EV some V8 rumble. Whether you want your car to sound like a big ol' V8 or a UFO, Harman's hard at work making it happen. Electric car sound is nearly nonexistent. Fake engine noise is disliked by many, but it offers a level of character to the electric vehicle, both inside and out, and is a crucial safety feature. We visited Harmon to check out their sound synthesis tech and got a demo inside a Tesla Model S."

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