Tesla Model 3 deliveries in Europe have only just begun and the numbers are amazing.

We have plenty of sources sharing Tesla Model 3 deliveries in Europe and the results are pretty fantastic. Let's keep in mind that Tesla just started delivering the Model 3 in Germany in mid-February, yet demand is very high. Germany -- a location where there's a ton of deep-rooted brand loyalty -- sees an incredible EV boost due to the launch of Tesla's "new," more affordable, sporty sedan.

Apparently, many people in Germany have put their ties to local automakers aside, since the Tesla Model 3 is a huge hit when it comes to EVs. We certainly expected Model 3 sales to surge in place like Norway, the Netherlands, and even France. And, we were definitely correct. As naysayers and much of mainstream media continue to assert that Model 3 sales have fallen off a cliff, that's so far from the truth it's obnoxious to even report it. While Tesla hasn't sold as many Model 3s in the U.S. (due to the fact that all production has been slated for delivery in Europe and China), the company still sold a record amount of cars in the U.S. based on our estimates and year-over-year data.

If you add the cars Tesla delivered in the U.S., to the huge and growing influx of Model 3 deliveries in Europe and China, the company actually seems to be ahead of some of its best months to date. We shall see at the end of March, and especially at the end of other months going forward. As time goes on, we should see the numbers rise exponentially, with the $35,000 Model 3 finally available and the Model Y reveal coming in a few days.

Unlike the U.S., all cars in European countries must be almost immediately accounted for. This means registrations are readily available. Wow, that concept would help us immensely with our U.S. sales reporting.

At any rate, throughout February (only 16 days of deliveries in Germany), Tesla Model 3 sales topped all others. The Model 3 Long Range AWD was officially the best-selling electric car in the country. According to CleanTechnica's analysis, 32 percent of all EVs sold in Germany were Model 3s. While the second-place EV -- the Renault Zoe -- is priced 50 percent lower, the Model 3 beat it out in sales by some 115 percent.

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Source: CleanTechnica

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