Spotted in the frosty, winter climate of northern Scandinavia.

This Porsche Taycan EV is charging up to test its ability to add miles in the cold.

Don't let those fake tailpipes fool you. This is a purely electric Porsche.

Recent news indicates that the Taycan may be delayed a bit as the automaker attempts to remove costs from the car. This would be part of an effort to be more in line with Tesla's cost structure for its Model 3.

However, this change may not impact Porsche as much as it will Audi (both part of the larger VW Group).

Regardless of all that, Porsche continues to test its Taycan out in public. This latest series of shots focus quite a bit on charging and the car's charging port.

Automedia notes:

Complete with tailpipes to hide its true EV intentions, our spies caught the all-electric machine undergoing charging at a public station in northern Scandinavia. 

The Taycan will be purposed as a Tesla Model S rival, complete with a battery pack that will reportedly hold more than 530 kilometers.

Porsche claims that they are a front-runner in introducing the 800V system,. However, it will require a special 800V charge port to achieve those remarkable recharging times.

Take a look at these new spy images in the gallery below.

Porsche Taycan

Gallery: Porsche Taycan Electric Car Spied Charging In Wintry Scandinavia

Images: Automedia

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