About 125 kW, this is what you can expect between 10% to almost 50% SOC in a Model 3.

Fastned just released charging power results of the production Tesla Model 3, registered at one of its 175 kW stations.

The chart reveals that the European Model 3, with CCS Combo (Type 2) inlet, can take roughly 125 kW between about 10% and about 48% state-of-charge (SOC). The peak is little above 125 kW, but let's round it to 125 kW.

The results are similar to the first report on a 117 kW at IONITY fast charger.

The power is much lower at the beginning of the charging process though (at SOC lower than 10%).

Before 50% it also begins to decrease to about 85 kW by around 60%, and then decreases further (but more slowly) to 50 kW at over 75%. 25 kW is still possible up to about 85-90%.

Overall, Tesla Model 3 offers decent charging speed (probably the best in its price range/market segment for the near future), but for sure it's not as high as in the case of the Audi e-tron.


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