NV200 will be available only as the electric e-NV200

Nissan announced that the production of the diesel version of the NV200 in Barcelona, Spain, will come to an end before the summer of 2019.

Because the production of the all-electric e-NV200 will continue (customer demand surged since the introduction of 40 kWh battery version), the NV200 will become available only as anĀ all-electric car.

There is no answer about the possibility of a 62 kWh battery version (as in case of Nissan LEAF e+) or whether the e-NV200 will be now available in new markets (in the U.S. there was only the NV200).

At the same time (from mid-2019), Nissan together with Renault intends to launch a new model - NV250 (produced in Mauberge, France), which will be a sibling to the Renault Kangoo. As the Kangoo is available in electric version Kangoo Z.E., also the NV250 is expected as an EV.

Some speculateĀ that the long-term future of e-NV200 is not certain.

Nissan e-NV200 specs:

  • WLTP rating is 200 km (125 miles) in Combined Cycle or up to 301 km (187 miles) in Urban City Cycle
  • 40 kWh battery
  • 80 kW electric motor
  • 6.6 kW on-board charger and CHAdeMO inlet
  • payload of up to 705 kg (depends on version) or 7 seat Evalia version
Nissan LEAF e+ specs (vs. LEAF 40 kWh)
  • 62 kWh battery (+55% capacity over 40 kWh, 25% more energy dense lithium-ion cells, similar size)
  • 288 lithium-ion cells (compared to 192 cells)
  • battery limited warranty of 8 years/160,000 km (whichever occurs first) is standard
  • 364 km (226 miles) of expected EPA range (up 50% from 243 km/151 miles)
  • 385 km (239 miles) of WLTP range in Europe (vs. 285 km/177 miles)
  • 458 km (285 miles) of WLTC Japan range in Japan (vs. 322 km/200 miles)
  • 570 km (354 miles) of JC08 range in Japan (vs. 400 km/249 miles)
  • 160 kW electric motor (up from 110 kW) and 250 lb-ft (340 Nm) (vs. 320 Nm in 40 kWh version)
  • 70 kW (100 kW peak) fast charging using CHAdeMO (vs. less than 50 kW)
Source: Nissan, pushevs.com, forococheselectricos.com

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