Nissan is silent about it, but it seems that the company already sold about 500,000 all-electric cars globally.

We knew that it was coming, as the LEAF was at about 450,000 several months ago and in one of the latest press releases (May 5, 2020), Nissan announced that the cumulative result is more than 470,000 LEAFs.

We assume that 500,000 LEAFs should be reached within several months, by the end of 2020 - just in time to celebrate 10-years on the market since December 2010.

Nissan LEAF milestones since December 2010:

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The second Nissan EV is the Nissan e-NV200, available in passenger and cargo versions in Europe and Japan.

On May 7, Nissan announced that 42,000 were produced in Spain since 2014. Production and sales are not the same thing, but we guess that is enough to consider the level of 500,000 already crossed.

Hopefully, soon we will know for sure.

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Nissan LEAFs covered several billion electric miles too.


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